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HP Pavilion dm1z


HP Pavilion dm1z has an 11-inch display which uses AMD Fusion that combines powerful graphics plus a dual-core processor that serves as a good alternative for affordable netbooks in the market or is it?


Processor – AMD E-350
Graphics – AMD Radeon HD 6310
Operating System – Home Premium (64-bit) Windows 7
HDD -  Hitachi Travelstar 7K500, 320 GB, with 7200 rpm
Display – 11.6 inch, resolution of 1366 x 768 in HD glossy, LED backlighting
Memory – 3 GB DDR3
Connections – 802.11 that supports b/g/n wireless and a Gigabit
Ethernet plus Ralink Motorola BC8, Bluetooth 3.0
Battery – 6-cell Li-ion
Weight – 3.53 lbs.
Dimensions – 11.45 x 8.45 x 0.9 – 1.25


1. It has a nice keyboard to tap on.
2. The battery has a longer life span and sold at a lower price tag.
3. It is good for both gaming and video just good within the price range.


1. 3.0 port of USB is non-existent.
2. The 9.5 hours battery life is not delivered within normal usage.
3. There are some glitches on the touchpad that happens occasionally.

Some of its Features:

•    3 USB 2.0 ports
•    VGA
•    HDMI-out
•    headphones or microphones
•    audio jack
•    Gigabit LAN
•    SDHC-card slot


The current HP Pavilion dm1z or dm1 is an updated version to its predecessors – the dm1z (last year’s model) and dv2 (2009). At a glance, you will mistakenly identify dm1z as somewhat similar to the dozens of models being released by HP. But the big difference is that it has more to give to it’s users in contrast with those existing low-performance and budget-priced netbooks.

When it comes to it’s build, well, it is of top quality as what other HP Pavilion models do have. It is ultra portable and durable. The netbook’s chassis is thick and strong enough to prevent the flex to crack due to pressure.

Are you afraid to see finger prints swirling over your netbook? With dm1, the painting job they did on it is quite remarkable – its matte black with black pinstripping all done using glossy paint. Thus, this will make fingerprint smudges almost difficult to notice.

When it comes to performance, dm1 offers far more than what it looks like especially at its entry level price of about $449. There is no way you can get a netbook at this price that can perform better than this.

Thanks to AMD Fusion technology, HP has made this netbook a must try especially for those budget conscious individuals out there.

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Future Laptop

How great will this laptop be if it becomes reality…

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Review for the Acer, Aspire one Netbook

At first glance, this Netbook really seems to get it right. It is small and compact, yet the keys are actually 85% of the size that a normal key is, allowing you to type with little difficulty. The speakers are not much to brag about, and the audio quality is quite bad. You will definitely want to wear your headphones with this one.

One of the complaints about this one is that you need to be careful when you lift it up. Do not put too much pressure on the back, as it can do mechanical damage to the keys. If you want to be able to type in lowercase at all, make sure you handle with care. This probably isn’t one that you should be dropping, that is for sure.

The screen looks very good, even outside in the daytime. This is good, considering the fact that this Netbook is so small. You will definitely want to take it outside, so it is good that the screen is of high enough quality that it will not drive you crazy when the sun is out. It also resists glare pretty well, which is a plus.

This computer comes standard with 1 GB of Ram installed on board, and 160 GB of hard disk drive. This offers enough room to hold a good audio library while still having enough room for games, movies, and software. All in all, not bad for such a tiny device!

The wireless internet is good too, and you will notice that loading web pages and Youtube videos is very much a painless procedure. It will not even stop video when you switch from a small video screen to full-screen, an amazing feat indeed for such a “kid” of a computer.

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Dell XPS M1330 Laptop

Dell holds it name in producing high-performance laptops, which the users look for in the market. Dell XPS M1330 Laptop tops the list of their latest launch nd it is categorised as the best gaming model laptop. This model weighs about just 1.8kg along with the dimensions of 318 x 238 x 25mm. The lightweight makes the device as a compact model. Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz is the processor used in this model holding a storage capacity of 120 GB hard drive.

The type of the processor determines the fastness of the system and it supports High definition factors. Dell XPS M1330 Laptop has 13.3 inches UltraSharp display that has been compiled with WXGA display along with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. This is a CCFL display supported with TrueLife technology. Web camera is included in this model with 2.0megapixel, which gives a crystal clear output for the pictures taken in it. Windows Vista Home Premium operating system is used to run the device.

In terms of connectivity factors apart from the WiFi connectivity, the device also has a Bluetooth advantage. The device is supported with the latest Firewire technology support, which has been realised by the Hi-speed USB ports. Apart from all these, an integrated speaker is used. This is a gaming device capable of offering the complete gaming facilities for the users to enjoy. This is completely a lightweight Laptop making this device an attractive one.

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The MacBook Wheel

A Laptop With No Keyboard? Check out the latest invention from Apple. What do you think? I think it would take time to get used to type an email on this pretty cool laptop…

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How to boost your PC speed

Most of us get frustrated when our computers slows down when we access the internet or do something simple as search our files. Here are few easy tips that will probably boost your PC speed.

Clean up disk errors

Did you know that when a programme crashes it may create some errors on hard disk which slows down computers speed? Read More

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Prime Gaming Laptop

I think that I am in love. I really hope that this laptop becomes a reality. This laptop, called for the Prime Gaming Laptop, features three collapsible screens that offer a wide viewing panel.

Prime Gaming Laptop

Prime Gaming Laptop

If you open all three screens you will get a 32:10 aspect for better in game visibility. Imagine a feeling of having a 26″ notebook – amazing. Prime Gaming Laptop even closes to the size of a 13″ notebook. Read More

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Understanding Computer Technology

This picutre will explain Computer Technology…

Computer Technology

Computer Technology

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How to make laptops travel friendly

It´s not always easy to carry a laptop while travelling longer distance. Not enough battery power just when you need it at most, spare cables, security problem and network issues are just few of the problems you have to deal with. Here are few tips to keep you ready while travelling. Read More

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Almost All Windows PCs At Risk

More than 98% of Windows computers are running at least one unpatched application and nearly half of these computers contain 11 or more programs which are at risk from attack.

These alarming revelations are made by Copenhagen-based security company Secunia. Secunia APS says that 98.1% of the PCs on which Personal Software Inspector was installed have one or more applications that have security updates available for downloading and only the remaining 1.9% of the PCs had no out of date programs.

Data for this was gathered from 20000 users of which one third has systems which ran a vulnerable version of five or fewer programs while nearly half of the machines ran 11 or more insecure applications.