Should You Really Buy a Tablet?

Tablets. No, we’re not going back to the Stone Age here. We’re just talking about the latest and greatest technology circling the market. A lot of people have heard of the Blackberry Playbook, the Apple iPad (and now the iPad 2), as well as the Galaxy Tab which is an Android product. So there are a lot of choices out there, and that means that you actually need to think about a little more than just the super cool, super shiny factor that comes with just about any tech gadget on the market. When it comes to hold hard cash being on the line, you need to really think about a few things.

One of the first things people think about is the e-reading experience, and there’s definitely a reason for that. The rise of the Kindle has reminded people that they can indeed read in pleasure on the go, but that doesn’t meant hat you want to do nothing but read. Tablets do make great e-readers, and the text is very legible. A lot of people would rather read a PDF on a tablet than on a BlackBerry, and we really don’t blame them.

Another target group that loves tablets right now are traveling businesspeople, like salespeople and other folks. It’s easier to lead a customer through a presentation or show off a website with a tablet, not to mention looking at calendars and photo slideshows.

Replacing an old laptop with a tablet that can go wherever you need to go can be a good thing, but if you type a lot you’re still going to be better off with a regular laptop for travel than a tablet. Yes, you can type of a tablet but you’re going to be working with a virtual keyboard. If you’re a writer, that’s going to be headache waiting to happen. You’re still better off going with the traditional over the shiny new technology. It’s just about knowing what you want and need in a system, and going for that system.

Tablets are really good for travel though in the sense that the smaller form factor can go where you god, and there’s usually Wi-Fi and 3G networks just about everywhere you will probably be going. Even if you travel overseas, you’re going to find yourself having connectivity. Don’t worry — it’s designed that way on purpose. Rock on.

Road warriors that expect to put in a hard hitting day of work really need to realize that this is not something that will be suitable for their lifestyle. Again, it’s the typing factor. However, this is nice for when you’re in the hotel and you want to watch your movies or if you’re on a road trip and you need something to entertain the children with. It’s just a matter of knowing what you want, of course.

So, should you pull the trigger and get a tablet? Sure, why not? You just need to figure out what’s going to fit into your tech budget and read some reviews. There’s nothing like looking at the individual user experience in order to figure out where you stand.

Now is the perfect time to explore, so get out there!