Chromecast – an Impressive Piece of Technology for a Small Price

Have you ever needed a cheap, flawless way of watching movies on your TV? The Google Chromecast is a HDMI port based mini computer that plugs right into your TV. To control your Chromecast, all you need is a WiFi connection and a smart phone/tablet (Android, iPhone) or computer (PC, Mac).

What you need to know about the Chromecast, however, is that not all apps can be used with the Chromecast. All of your favourite apps should work, though. For example, you are able to stream movies and clips from YouTube, Netflix and HBO GO or maybe you prefer sports and want to use Watch ESPN with your Chromecast. If that’s not enough, and you want more freedom, you could stream your Chrome tab right to your TV. The list of supported apps is long, and it keeps growing continuously. A complete list of which apps that function with a Chromecast device can be found here.

The quality overall is really great, and it can even stream in HD without any problems. There are two things that could improve. The loading speeds of certain apps and better support for local files. A way to view self-made video clips is to get a local Plex server running on your PC or Mac, and share it over your local internet. This way, you get really good quality and smoothness because it all happens within your local internet. However, it is quite impractical and troublesome for the average Joe. Another, simpler, way to do it is to drag a local video clip into your Chrome tab on your PC or Mac, and then cast that tab to your Chromecast. You would typically experience quality loss if your streaming item requires higher bandwidth such as 720p and 1080p clips. The reason for this is that the Chromecast is not adapted for this. It all really depends on what kind of connection you have.

It is without any hesitation a good buy. Although it already is in a really good stage, it will receive a lot of improvements over time.