iPhone Release Patterns – New iPhone Incoming?

Since 2012, Apple has released five different iPhones. All of which were released around 20 September each year. Does this mean that this year’s iPhone will arrive 20 September 2015?

The answer is no. No one knows for sure when the new iPhone will be released. Nothing has been confirmed yet about “the new iPhone”. All we know for sure is that there will be a successor to the current iOS 8, the brand new iOS 9. Developers can actually already access iOS 9, but the public beta will first be available in July 2015.


I do not want to bore you with rumors, but let us speculate and think about what has happened in the past.

The iPhone 4S was an upgrade to the predecessor iPhone 4. It was released with SLIGHT change of looks, a better processor which made the phone significantly faster, a better camera and the phone assistant Siri. The S in 4S actually stands for Siri.

The most important visual change to the iPhone 5S in comparison to the former iPhone 5 was the home button. Apart from that, it also got a new processor, a camera upgrade and the fingerprint sensor Touch ID.

So what can we expect from the new 2015 iPhone? Will it be the iPhone 6S? Or the iPhone 7? Recent Apple products have been getting the Force Touch feature, and maybe the new iPhone will too. The Force Touch feature can sense whether you are pressing hardly or softly on your touchpad or touchscreen.

What we can expect are hardware upgrades such as camera and processor. Let us just hope that they will bring us a new feature with the announcement of the iPhone 2015, such as Siri or Touch ID.