Should You Buy a Nook Color?

Getting into the world of e-readers is always a good thing, especially if you’ve always wanted to expand the amount of books that you honestly read. A lot of people think that they’ve fallen out of love for books, when the truth is that they’ve just fallen out of love for constantly having to check out new books or pick up a new stack of bulky books. In addition, reading on an electronic device saves a lot of space. Everyone probably has at least one friend whose house seems devoured by books. Those days can be gone forever if you opt to get an e-reader. And just because you decide to read books electronically isn’t going to mean that you never pick up a magazine or a newspaper or even a regular book. But you have to admit — the idea of electronic reading is pretty straightforward and convenient, isn’t it?

Well, if you get the right e-reader, it’s definitely something that’s straightforward. We really like the Nook Color because it’s more than just a straight e-reader — it’s more like a tablet than anything else. You’re going to be getting something pretty powerful that will open up a whole new multimedia based world to you. And that’s something to be excited about. 50 years ago, this type of technology would have never existed.

So, why are we so crazy about the Nook Color? There are a lot of features and specs to appreciate when it comes to this device.

We can start with the touchscreen. It’s an ultra-responsive 7-inch multi-touch screen which displays 16 million colors. The colors pop brightly, which means that reading is going to be a joy rather than a torture. While not everything you read will have color to it, that doesn’t mean that you won’t give it a good work out. Some people really like being able to read magazines on their Nook Color instead of having to sit and read something in black and white. You will also be able to check out neat magazines as well as newspapers for 14 days for free — and there’s even video to go with it.

The Nook is from Barnes & Noble, which boasts itself as the world’s largest bookstore. There are nearly 2.5 million titles to choose from. There are free samples that you can check out, and when you’re ready to purchase something else, you can get it via Wi-Fi in a matter of seconds — or a few minutes in realistic time. There’s Free Fridays that let you check out the best that Barnes & Noble feels you should be looking into, which means that there’s always something to read.

You can increase the text size to make it bigger, and you can even choose what type of font that you get. If you want to read in landscape format, you can do that. You just turn the tablet around and it will automatically update itself. (more…)