Samsung Breaks World Record with 16TB SSD

Samsung’s recent accomplishment will make things a whole lot easier for a lot of people and companies. The product code for the new SSD is PM1633a and it will be released next year.


What makes this SSD so amazing, is that Samsung managed to fit 16TB (15.36TB accessible) of memory onto a 2.5″ SSD, the same form factor laptops use, all thanks to the new 3D V-NAND technology. When Samsung showed the SSD at the Flash Memory Summit event in California, they didn’t spare us the boasting. Samsung decided to create a server configuration with 48 of these drives, which adds up to 768TB.

This amount of memory is obviously not intended for personal use, but for enterprises. Accessing files has never been easier and with new technology, SSDs has a lot more potential than HDDs when it comes to both speeds and memory sizes. The new drive will ease things for all the companies that need a lot of storage space. The PM1633a is also a big step for photographers and image editors as very high-pixel pictures can be stored and accessed without a hassle.

The only ‘problem’ is the price tag. Not everyone will be able to purchase this beast unless you have a lot of money to spare. Analysts say that the price will land somewhere around 5000-7000 USD.