Spotify vs Apple Music

Are you having troubles deciding on whether to get a Spotify or an Apple Music subscription? The best way to find out which one of these two is the best of you, would probably be to try them both as they both offer trial periods. Spotify offer a one-month trial while Apple Music offers three months.




Now, you could spend 4 months of your time to try them both out, or you could learn a thing or two from this post. For now, Spotify will release new songs faster than they get released on Apple Music and also let you discover them. So if you want to be able to discover upcoming songs, Spotify would be the right thing for you. If you are more into listening to the usual hits and singles, you might as well go with Apple Music. What’s important to know, is that Apple Music pulls most of their music library from iTunes. What I mean with ‘most’ is that some songs that are on iTunes, can’t be streamed on Apple Music.

The price for a subscription plan for either Spotify or Apple Music is the same. You begin with the trial period, and then pay $9.99 monthly but of course, both of them offer a free version with limited features/ads. They share most of the important features like family sharing, offline listening, a huge music library, radio etc. The radios, however, work in different ways. Apple Music has a station called Beats 1 where people are hired to run them. The music there is what you often will find on a “Top 100” list, and they also discuss music on the air. Spotify’s radio feature is more personalized. You can create your own station based on which songs you like, and Spotify will pull songs from its library and create a station for you. The songs that were assigned to your station are songs within the same genre, artists, related artists etc. If you don’t like a song in the radio, you can just ‘dislike’ it and help Spotify understand what kind of music you like.

Now, in conclusion I would say stick with Spotify for now. The only reason that I can see (for now) to choose Apple Music is if you want a live 24/7 radio station to listen to.