The Ultimate Car for The Tech Fanatic

For a very long time, all cars have been pretty much the same in driving conditions: Gas, Clutch, Shift, Brake. The Tesla Model SĀ is here to change that. The company Tesla Motors has for a long time been rather unknown to a lot of people, but since the Model S breakthrough, I have felt that they are getting a lot more recognition.


As a tech devotee, I can say that this is my dream car. The car is equipped with a 17 inch touchscreen that controls just about everything in the car. Fans, Media, Navigation and Web Browsing are all operated through the touchscreen. Other than that, you can also view the consumption and range of the car’s electric motorĀ and a lot of other functions. The Tesla Model S gets firmware upgrades regularly that affect and improve the car and the changes can all be viewed online.

Another thing that may appeal to you, is that the car has an autopilot. The car can actually drive itself and switch lanes. All you have to do is tap the turn signal. How is this possible you ask? Well, the Tesla Model S has a camera, radar and a 360 degree sensor that can read the traffic and adjust to it.

If you also like speed, you must know that the “Performance” version of the car (P85D) can do 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 3.1 seconds, despite it’s heavy weight at 2,239 kg (4,936 lb)

Now, there are things that I don’t like with the car. A fully charged Tesla S can cover around 430 km (265 miles) of land before it has to stop and recharge. That is actually a lot for an electric car. The problems are the charging times. It all depends on which battery you have for your car, but unless you are charging at a Tesla Supercharger station, you can count on that you will probably have to leave your car to charge overnight if you used it the same day. It all varies on how long based on what kind of outlet you are using. Using a 240v/24A outlet, a full charge could take up to 15 hours. There are, however, faster options to consider.

There are so many more features to discover about the Tesla Model S and the bottom line is that this is a really nice car. Not only because of all of the functions it delivers, but because of it’s looks too.