Thermal Imaging Cameras – How do they work and what are they used for

Thermal imaging cameras can be used in a number of different circumstances to visualise temperature that cannot be seen by the naked eye, there is technology within the cameras that is quite fascinating, as is the numerous applications that they can be used for.

The only drawback of the piece of equipment is that they are very expensive to purchase, but it possible to hire them out which is probably the best option. If you hire test equipment, it means you can use them only when they are needed. This means you can save money and not have a piece of equipment lying around not getting used for most of the year.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

A thermal imaging camera is an infrared or thermo graphic type of camera which forms an image of radiation which to the naked eye is invisible; it does this in a very similar way as a regular camera would take a photograph of visible light.

The camera also takes different wavelengths compared to a normal camera.  A thermal imaging camera captures wavelengths as long as 14,000 nanometres compared to the visible-light cameras which work in a range between 450 – 750 nanometres.
Infrared cameras are not very different compared to digital cameras today. The lens is used to bring in the information, but instead of visible light, it detects radiation. The detected radiation is then converted into electrical symbols which are then combined to form the image.


Colours ranging from red, orange and yellow indicate hot temperatures. They also indicate cooler temperatures which show up in shades of greens and blues. Knowing the differences in temperature within a particular area is hugely helpful for individuals and businesses alike.

An effective way to diagnose structural and building problems is to hire one of these specialised cameras. An expert company can offer cameras that help determine if plumbing work has effectively fixed a leek, or detect rising damp which would otherwise go untreated.

For that reason, hiring one of these cameras when needed rather than purchasing and maintaining one is an effective way to take advantage of this useful technology without having to make a large upfront investment.

Hiring a durable and easy-to-use thermal imaging camera from a reputable company can help quickly diagnose problems before they are visible and ensure they are corrected as quickly as possible.

Using these cameras, businesses and individuals can keep an eye on things they could not see otherwise.