Waiting For Black Friday To Get New Tech – You Might Want To Strike Now

Decisions, decisions. Do you wait for a piece of technology to go on sale during the usual sales rushes, or do you go ahead and get it because you need to use it now? With the holiday season about to be in full swing, this is a question that more and more people are honestly asking each other. It’s not because we’re into being materialistic, but nobody wants to miss out on a good deal.

The trouble is that the typical Black Friday sales are getting weaker and weaker over time. The recession has hit retailers hard, and that means that they’re going to have to cut back on the type of inventory that gets cut. Once those doorbusters go out the window, you’re left with inventory that really isn’t all that great. Sure, there’s going to be some legendary deals to be had if you really want them, but the truth is that you’re better off thinking about the bigger picture than just more technology that you don’t need.

For example, the Kindle Fire is coming out soon — November 2011 to be exact. That’s right around the corner, and that’s something that a lot of hardcore eReader fans have been looking forward to. Does that mean that they should suddenly stop getting excited and just wait for Black Friday? Sure, the Kindle Fire might be out in time for a good BF rush, but you’re better off striking while the iron is hot — and you have the money to do so.

Why? Well, things happen. People change. Things come up. You always want to make sure that you have things in place when you want them, not when you think the price is going to go down. There’s going to be a high demand for a lot of technical gear this year, and if you don’t strike fast, you’re going to find yourself left out. And really, who wants to be -that guy-, anyway?

You’re a lot better off going ahead and figuring out what you want to do with your technology purchases, and then going for it from that angle.

Shopping online is already a great way to cash in on good deals. Sites like FatWallet.com and DealofDay.com give you the 411 on what deals are going on, and long time members of both forums will tell you whether or not the technology is even worth it. If that’s not enough for you, there’s always Woot.com, which rewards people that act today — not on some date later down the line in the future.

What you do with your technology is up to you. If you want to purchase today, then do so — nobody is stopping you. If you want to take the risk of low inventory or even sold out virtual shelves, then take the risk. Either way, the only person that can give you the final verdict is you. Hang in there!